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Afeez Oyetoro: Facts and Photos in Detail of This Nigerian Actor

binit Published On Sun Jul 26 2020   Modified On Sun Jul 26 2020
Afeez Oyetoro: Facts and Photos in Detail of This Nigerian Actor

Afeez Oyetoro is a famous Nigerian actor who is known for his great contribution to the Nollywood. He is also nicked named 'Saka' for his great accomplishment in the film industry. 

Oyetoro has also played in the movie 'The Wedding Party' and 'The Wedding Party 2' as the role of  'Ayanmale'.

He was born on August 20, 1963, in Iseyin Local Government Area of Oyo State, southwestern Nigeria. And completed his study there.

Net Worth: $750 Thousand

The Nigerian actor Oyetoro is worth $750 thousand, which he was able to accumulate through his talent, determination, and hard work. 

Oyetoro has worked in various fields to be in the position he is now. He has contributed to the field of actor, comedian, scholar, and so on. He earns his living for his family with his talent for acting and the occupation of teaching which he enjoys a lot.

Education & Alma Mater

The famous Saka was able to accomplish his bachelor's degree from Obafemi Awolowo University and his Master of Arts degree from the University of Ibadan in the field of Theater Arts. 

He is currently in the process to acquire the doctorate degree from the same place where he acquired his Master of Arts degree in Theater Arts.

Image of the University of Ibadan.
Image of the University of Ibadan.
Image source: BuzzNigeria

Wife: Olaide Oyetoro

Oyetoro (Saka) tied his knot with Olaide Oyetoro in 2003. He was in his early 40's when he tied his knot with Olaide Oyetoro. 

Oyetoro wasn't able to communicate with his wife a lot before marriage. Sometimes he even used to tell her that he has his rehearsal just after a couple of minutes just check her reaction.  

Father With Great Responsibility

Oyetoro has three children. After his marriage, he gave birth to his first child at the age of 41. He currently has two sons named Abdullahi Oyetoro and Munim Oyetoro, and a daughter named Rufiat Oyetoro.

Picture of Afeez Oyetoro's  with his family.
 Picture of Afeez Oyetoro's with his family.
Image source: Nairaland Forum

Contribution to the Film Industry

The actor in the movie 'The Wedding Family and The Wedding Family 2 ' Oyetro aka Saka has contributed a lot in the field of acting. He has played many roles in the Nollywood movies some of his known movies include Oujukokokoro, The Wedding Family, The Wedding Family 2, and so on. 

The picture of Nigerian actor Afeez Oyetoro holding his award
The picture of Nigerian actor Afeez Oyetoro holding his award. 
Image source: AfricaGiant

Teaching and Acting are similar

Oyetoro claims that the profession of teaching and acting are similar. He thinks the work of a teacher is to enlighten the students and so is the work of an actor. It has a small difference that the actor can enlighten in a large number but the enlightening capacity of the teacher is limited. 

Oyetoro even claims that if he had to pick among teaching and acting he would give his higher priority to his teaching occupation. He is a person who enjoys his teaching profession more than his other works. He even teaches in the department of theater arts at Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education which is located at Lagos State, Nigeria.

Oyetoro became alone

After the recent death of Afeez Oyetoro's mother in August 2019, he became a parentless child. He lost his father in 2104, while he was on the verge of getting popular. The accident didn't cause him any physical or economical problems but he did face some uneasiness for a couple of weeks.

Picture of Afeez Oyetoro not being able to stop his tears.
Picture of Afeez Oyetoro not being able to stop his tears.
Image source: Inside Business Online – Business News, Sports, Entertainment

Poverty the cause of late marriage

Oyetoro married at a late age and was able to get the happiness of the first child at the age of 41. The main cause of his late marriage was poverty. In the view of Oyetoro, a person is ready to be a husband, or a father when he can help the family physically, spiritually, economically, and emotionally. 

When his first child was born he wasn't able to reach his little one on his date of birth. He was on the filming site during the birth of his first baby. He was able to meet his baby only on the third day of his birth. When he came to meet his little one on the third day of his birth he was really happy that even his child smiled after seeing him.

Perfect Wife

The famous comedian of Nigeria has got an awesome wife. There are many sacrifices that she has made for him among them, there is one big sacrifice she had made and it was to leave her profession for him. Before marrying Saka she was a math teacher and used to love teaching but had to leave it after her marriage.

The reason for her sacrifice was her family. After some time of marriage, they had to look for the child so it wasn't suitable for both to work. So even though Olaide loved her profession she quite it because she knew how much Saka used to love and enjoy teaching. Saka even once said," I have a wonderful wife who shares my passion and vision, its as if God made us both together."

Social Media Presence

As per his interest in social media, he is usually active on Instagram. He has accumulated above 89k followers with the username 'simplySaka' and has over 850 posts in it. 

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