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Chyna Layne: “She’s Gotta Have It” & "In Broad Daylight" Actress | Know Her Better

aisha Published On Fri Jun 12 2020   Modified On Fri Jun 12 2020
Chyna Layne: “She’s Gotta Have It” & "In Broad Daylight" Actress | Know Her Better

Chyna Layne is an actress best known for her roles in 'In Broad Daylight' as Jordan Boudreaux, 'She's Gotta Have It' as Shemekka Epps, 'The First Purge' as Elsa, and 'Precious' as Rhonda. 

Layne was born in  New York but was raised in Jamaica, Queens. She was born to a Jamaican father and Filipina mother and was JamaicanAsian. She has persuaded acting career so strictly that Layne is also referred to as a young Diahann Carroll.

Net Worth: $4 million

'We Are Family' Actress Chyna Layne has earned an estimated net worth of $4 million from her career as an actor. She has acted in more than thirty independent films and also has been featured on the cover of Fearless magazine.

A picture of Chyna Layne.
A picture of Chyna Layne who is worth $4 million.
Image Source: IMDb

Has Released Two Albums

Many people don't know that Layne is also a singer and has released two albums till now. In 2006, she released 'Hands Of A Thousand Dances' that includes several artists like Eddie Griffin, Michael Beach, Cindy Herron, and others. 

Then in 2015, she released another album named 'Daddy's Home' with Tammy Townsend, Brad Janes, Natasha Tash, and others which consists of eight songs. 

Started Her Career Since 2007

Layne started her career from a TV movie 'Life Support' where she has played the character of Deyah in 2007. Since then she has acted in more than twenty movies, televisions series, TV movies, and short videos. 

She is well-recognized by her movies 'All Screwed Up' as Teenisha, 'A Deeper Love' as Gina, 'Cadillac Records' as Pot's Girlfriend Juanita, 'Life Of Crime' as Loretta, and others. 

Chyna Layne in 'Precious' as Rhonda.
Chyna Layne in 'Precious' as Rhonda. 
Image Source:

Likewise, she is also known by her character in Major Crimes (TV Series) as Tamika Weaver, In Broad Daylight (TV Movie) as Jordan Boudreaux, STD: Sexually Transmitted Demons (Short) as Trina, and many more.

Producer Of 'A Deeper Love'

Asia from 'Left Unsaid' is the producer of a drama movie 'A Deeper Love' where she is the lead character Gina with other co-stars Rayan Lawrence, Petri Hawkins Byrd, Christopher L. McAllister, and so on. 

The movie is about two perfect match lover, who are deeply in love and on the same page about everything even on marriage, and thinks that it can ruin what they have now.

Chyna Layne in 'A Deeper Love' Gina.
Chyna Layne in 'A Deeper Love' Gina.
Image Source: Terry D Films

Layne along with her acting partner, Rayan Lawrence, formed Lawrence Layne Production and released their first movie, 'A Deeper Love' which was directed and executive produced by Darrell Smith. They are also planning to release another project 'Blue Mountain Lake' which will be Lawrence's first directional debut.

First Training With CityKids Repertory Company

Before starting her acting career, Layne went to take some professional training in the CityKids Repertory Company. In the company, she has performed and worked with the biggest Hollywood celebrities like Robin Williams, Jasmin Guy, Demi Moore, and many more. 

Layne then went to Black Spectrum Theatre, after receiving full scholarship where she acted in a musical, 'A Trip to Nowhere' because of which they won an Audelco Award win for Best Ensemble in the musical. 

Martial Artist

The 'Deceptz' actress is skilled in the martial artist as she studied the form of her native land's martial art, eskrima, which is also called Filipino stick fighting. She then studied Chinese martial arts form, Wushu. With the skills and muscles, Layne has flexed her skills in four action movies Shaolyn Jones, The Black Pearl, Brooklyn Knights, and The Chyna Layne Chronicles.

A picture of Chyna Layne who has done various stunts in movies.
A picture of Chyna Layne who has done various stunts in movies.
Image Source: Fusion Movies

Dance team NSC (No Self Control)

Layne is very serious over obstacles our youth has been facing so she has also volunteered around her community and belongs to the family that is involved in voting, educating, taking action, and volunteering. 

Likewise, she has organized and operated a dance team called NSC (No Self Control) at the Brownsville Recreation Centre. The team is for young girls in her community, with the talented group of girls which was one of the best rewarding experiences in her life. 

Social Media Presence

As for her social media presence, Layne is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She has gained 20.2k followers on Insta with the username 'chynalayne', and 3,974 followers on twitter with the username 'ChynaLayne'. 

A picture of Chyna Layne that she posted on her Insta.
A picture of Chyna Layne that she posted on her Insta.
Image Source: Instagram

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