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$40 Million Net Worth of Danny Glover - Produced 40 Movies and All Earnings

aisha Published On Wed Apr 22 2020   Modified On Wed Apr 22 2020
$40 Million Net Worth of Danny Glover - Produced 40 Movies and All Earnings

Danny Glover, the father of Donald Glover has a whopping net worth of $40 million. He has earned his worth from his acting career and by producing various movies, documentaries and series. 

Glover highest-grossed movie is Jumanji: The Next Level as Milo which grossed $796.5 million from its worldwide collection. Likewise, his second highest-grossed movie was 2012, as it made a profit of $769.7 million. 

Used To Own A House Worth $1.3 million

In 1999, Glover bought a house worth $1.3 million in Dunthorpe, Oregon which stands on 6,000-square-foot (560 m2) of land. As of now he doesn't live in Oregon. 

Danny Glover hiuse worth $1.3 million in Dunthorpe, Oregon.
Danny Glover hiuse worth $1.3 million in Dunthorpe, Oregon.
Image Source: Virtual Globetrotting

Earning From Movies

Roger Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon has appeared in almost 200 movies, television series, TV movies, and short videos. Some of his best movies are President Thomas Wilson from 2012, Lieutenant Mike Harrigan from Predator 2, and Albert from The Color Purple. 

Danny Glover as Lieutenant Mike Harrigan in Predater 2.
Danny Glover as Lieutenant Mike Harrigan in Predater 2.
Image Source: IMDb

In 1997, Glover got a salary of $2 million from his movie Gone Fishin' as Gus Green. Then he got a huge paycheck of $7 million from the movie Lethal Weapon 4 as Roger Murtaugh.

Upcoming Movies

The Silverado actor Danny Glover has signed nine movies which will increase his worth in the future. Glover will soon be seen in 'Killing Winston Jones' as Washington Carver, 'The Drummer' as Mark Walker, Saint Paul, Long Day Journey, Press Play, and in Dionne as Father.

Glover also has announced three movies that he signed which are 'The Ninja He Will Rise' as Director Matthew Reynolds, 'Prairie Bones' as Happy, and in 'Lighthouse' as Duncan.

Voice Acting 

Glover is also well-recognized for his voice-overs in twenty-one series as narrator, movies, and short videos. The Witness actor has done voice acting in Alpha and Omega as Winston, Touch as Arthur Teller, and in Cold Case Files as Narrator.

Danny Dlover as Winston in Alpha and Omega.
Image Source: Alpha and Omega Wiki - Fandom

Has Produced More Than Forty Movies

The Mandela actor has produced more than forty movies, documentary, and series. He is the executive producer of Shenandoah, Lynch: A History, Buffalo Soldiers, and others. Glover is the co-producer of the upcoming movie Memoria and an executive producer of his upcoming movie The Drummer.


The Death at a Funeral actor has added some amount of money by appearing in some commercials. In 2012, he did commercial for Winsor Pilates and United Nations Development Program Print Ad for The GAP. Glover then appeared in Samsung galaxy s7 edge commercial, MCI Long Distance, in PBA Facts, and PBA Facts and Avanir Pharmaceuticals.

National Assembly of Venezuela gave $18 million

In 2006, Danny Glover stared making a biography movie about Toussaint Louverture, who led the 18th-century revolt in Haiti. The President of Venezuela, Hugo Ch├ívez also supported the movie because it was a historical movie that can mobilize world public opinion against imperialism and western oppression. 

A picture of Danny Glover. 
Image Source: Xenopedia - Fandom

In 2007, the National Assembly of Venezuela approved to give Glover $18 million for the movie. The contribution was not approved by some filmmaker of Venezuelan saying the money must to used for some homegrown films as Grovers' movie was not even about Venezuela.

Later in 2018, the National Assembly of Venezuela gain handed $9 million to Glover for his request to continue his movie. 

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