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Kardinal Offishall: Canadian Rapper, DJ, and Producer | Know Him Better

aisha Published On Fri Jun 19 2020   Modified On Fri Jun 19 2020
Kardinal Offishall: Canadian Rapper, DJ, and Producer | Know Him Better

Jason Drew Harrow mostly known from his stage name Kardinal Offishall is a rapper, record producer, DJ, and record executive. He is well-recognized for his songs 'Numba 1', 'Dangerous', 'Bakardi Slang', 'Body Bounce', 'The Anthem', and so on.

Offishall was born on  May 11, 1976, at Scarborough, Canada, and has a star sign of Taurus. He also has written and performed many songs on various television series, movies, and video games. Here are some more interesting facts about Offishall:

Net Worth: $6 million 

'Beautiful' singer Kardinal Offishall has earned a whopping net worth of $6 million from his varied career as a rapper, record producer, DJ, and record executive. He is one of Canada's best hip Hop producers and is called the country's hip hop ambassador.

Wife: Tashi Harrow

Offishall is married to Tashi Harrow with whom he was in a relationship during his struggling years. Then the pair got married on June 13, 2009, with a small ceremony in front of their closed one and are together for over eleven years. 

He is so thankful to God that he is with his wife who has been with her through his poorer or richer situation. They have now given birth to three children.

Picture of Kardinal Offishall's wife Tashi Harrow.
Picture of Kardinal Offishall's wife Tashi Harrow. 
Image Source: Instagram

Blessed With Three Children

M.C. from 'My Baby's Dady' is blessed with three children: Two sons and one daughter whose name hasn't been disclosed by him. Offishall's first child was born on February 14, 2012, who is very smart, polite, caring, and ambitious. He was class president or two years in a row and is the best big brother to his other two siblings.

Kardinal Offishall with his wife and three children.
Kardinal Offishall with his wife and three children. 
Image Source: Instagram

The middle child of the rapper was born on November 8, 2014, who is loving towards others. On his 3rd birthday, his son said he wanted to celebrate it for months and they grandly celebrated his birthday while all the attention was towards him he got so sad. The little boy said he don't like all the affection on him and rather wanted everyone around to be happy.

Then on June 17, 2017, their daughter was born who is a quick learner and funny. On her 3rd birthday, she wanted a doll-like her and they bought her tanned doll for her. She is daddy's little girl who is with her daddy all the time even while Offishall is sleeping.

Didn't Sign With Jay Z For Akon

While Kardinal Offishall was performing in Toronto, Jay z was honored as a special guest to play a Roc La Familia party at Caribana. Then Jay Z offered him a deal with Roc La Familia, but he turned him down because of Akon. He was considering an offer from Akon, a popular R&B/pop singer to join his new label.

Kardinal Offishall with Akon.
Image Source: YouTube

Started Rapping Since He Was 8

Offishall was into rapping since he was eight years old and at the age of 12, he even won some rapping competition. When he was 14, Offishall performed live on stage with Nelson Mandela for the very first time while Mandela visit to Toronto.

Picture of Kardinal Offishall who started his career at 8.
Picture of Kardinal Offishall who started his career at 8.
Image Source: Getty Images

In 1993, his stage name was 'KoolAid' which he later changed into "Kardinal Offishall" after he got inspired by the great 17th-century French politician Cardinal Richelieu. He has released five studio albums throughout his career which are 'Eye & I' (1997), 'Quest for Fire: Firestarter, Vol 1' (2001), 'Fire and Glory' (2005), 'Not 4 Sale' (2008), 'Kardi Gras, Vol 1: The Clash' (2015), and 'Pick Your Poison' (2019).

YouTube Channel

The 'Set It Off' singer has stated his own youTube channel since February 13, 2007, where he has acquired around 150k subscribers till now. He keeps on posting the official music videos of his song on the channel, behind the scene, vlogs, video shoots, and remix of his songs. Offishall has posted more than twenty videos on the channel with a total of 188,543,635 views.

Soundtracks In movies

Being a singer, Offishall has performed as well as written numerous soundtracks in television series, movies, and soundtracks. He has worked in 20 soundtracks like '2 Fast 2 Furious', 'Ugly Betty' (TV Series), 'The Office' (TV Series), 'Step Up 3D', 'Karaoke Revolution' (Video Game), and so on.

A picture of Kardinal Offishall.
Image Source: NOW Magazine

Offishall is also the Composer of twenty-eight Tv movies and short videos like 'Prove 'Em x Northern Touch' (TV Movie), 'On wit da Show', 'Heads Up', 'Kardinal Offishall Feat. Pharrell Williams: Belly Dancer', 'Nina', and others. 

Social Media Presence

As for his social media presence, Offishall is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He has gained around 65.2k followers on Insta with the username 'kardinalo', 58.9k followers on twitter with the username 'KardinalO', and 77,747 followers on Face with the username 'kardinaloffishall'.

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