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Lydia Forson: "A Sting In" & "Masquerdas" Actress From Ghana | Know Her Better

aisha Published On Wed Jul 01 2020   Modified On Wed Jul 01 2020
Lydia Forson: "A Sting In" & "Masquerdas" Actress From Ghana | Know Her Better

Lydia Forson is an actress, writer, and producer well-recognized by her roles in 'Masquerades' as Nana Yaa Boateng, 'A Sting in' a Tale as Frema, 'The Perfect Picture - Ten Years Later' as Dede Botchway, and 'Isoken' as Kukua.

Forson was born on October 24, 1984, in Mankessim, Ghana, and has a star sign of Scorpio. She was born in Ghana but was raised in Kentucky, U.S. for a short period. Keep swiping down to know more interesting facts about Forson:

Net Worth: $800,000

'Phone Swap' actress Lydia Forson has earned an estimated net worth of $800,000 from her varied career as an actress, writer, and producer. 

A picture of Lydia Forson.
A picture of Lydia Forson who is worth $800,000.
Image Source: Austine Media

Education & Alma Mater

Forson attended at Wilmore Elementary School in Kentucky for her primary education. Then at the age of nine, her family moved to Ghana where she continued her study by joining Akosombo International School. She also got enrolled at St. Louis Secondary School in Kumasi from where she completed her secondary education. 

Forson later earned her bachelor's degree in English Language and Information Studies from the University of Ghana.

Was Interested In Acting Since 18

Atswei from 'keteke' got interested in acting since she was 18 years, and her acting career started by her debut role 'Hotel St James' as Cameo in 2005. 

Then she got various opportunities to act in several movies and series like 'Run Baby Run' (2006), 'Different Shades of Blue' (2007), 'Scorned' (2008), 'Kamara's Tree' (2013), 'Scandal' (2013), 'Isoken' (2017), and so on.

Lydia Forson in the cover picture of 'SideChic Gang' and 'Keteke'.
Lydia Forson in the cover picture of 'SideChic Gang' and 'Keteke'.
Image Source: Twitter

She is also a writer of two short movies 'Masquerades' in 2011 and 'A Letter from Adam' in 2015. 

Took Break From Film Industry

Many Forson fans believe that she had a very smooth career after she got her first debut in 'Hotel St James' in 2005. But according to her, the rumor is totally wrong as after her performances in four movies she had to take a break from the film industry. Not because no one was giving her work, she was rejecting several scripts for film appearances as she claimed that all scripts were of very low quality. 

A picture of Lydia Forson who took break from film industry.
Image Source: NNX

Controversies On Smoking 

The 'Scorned' actress once became the part of controversies as there were rumors that she was seen smoking something like cannabis and her gesture was also like a chain smoker. Many other reports also claimed that she was seen smoking behind the scenes of her movies. 

However, Forson denied all the accusations and said she has smoked as a character in some movies but doesn't smoke in real life.

Picture of Lydia Forson smoking.
Picture of Lydia Forson smoking.
Image Source:

Has Won Two Awards

In 2009, Forson was nominated for the African Movie Academy Award for 'A Sting in a Tale'. Then in 2010, she won the same award Best Actress in a lead role, and in 2012, she won Ghana Movie Awards for Best Screenplay in the Cupboard.

Body Measurement

The 'Sidechic Gang' actress stands 5 feet 2 inches tall (157 cm) while weighing around 60 kg (132 lbs). She has black eyes with curly black hair.  

Social Media Presence

As for her social media presence, Forson is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She has gained a huge fan following of 2.1 million in Instagram with the username 'lydiaforson'. Likewise, she has gathered around 508.8k followers on Twitter with the username 'lydiaforson' and 346,594 followers on Facebook with the name 'lydiaforsonofficial'.

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