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Peter Mensah: "Spartacus" & "300" Actor From Ghana

aisha Published On Wed Jul 01 2020   Modified On Wed Jul 01 2020
Peter Mensah: "Spartacus" & "300" Actor From Ghana

Peter Mensah is an actor best known for his roles in 'Jason X' as Sgt. Brodski, '300' as Messenger, 'Spartacus' as Doctore / Oenomaus, and 'Avatar' as Horse Clan Leader.

Mensah was born on August 27, 1959, in Chira, Ghana, and has a star sign of Virgo. His late father Peter Osei Mensah, was an engineer while his mother was a writer. Mensah along with his family moved to Hertfordshire, England, and started living there since then.

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Net Worth:$4 million

'Hidalgo' actor Peter Mensah has earned a whopping net worth of $4 million from his solo career as an actor. He has also signed three movies like Devil as Archangel Michael, Rise as Governor Gaddo, and Snake Eyes as Blind Master which will help to increase his wealth in the future.

A picture of Peter Mensah.
Peter Mensah who is worth $4 million.
Image Source: Sleepy Hollow Wiki - Fandom

Started His Career Since 1995

Mensah started his acting career from a television series 'Nancy Drew' where he has portrayed the character of Simon in 1995. Since then he has acted in more than fifty movies, television series, TV movies, mini-series, and short movies. 

Some of his best roles are in 'Striking Poses' as Hunky Receptionist, 'Bruiser' as Skinhead, 'A Perfect Son' as Tall Gay Basher, and so on.

Peter Mensah in '300' as Messenger.
Peter Mensah in '300' as Messenger.
Image Source: Twitter

Likewise, he is also recognized by his work in television series like True Blood as Kibwe, Sleepy Hollow as The Hidden One, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Qovas, Midnight, Texas as Lemuel Bridger, and many more.

Used To Be An Engineer

Before pursuing his career as an actor, Mensah used to be an engineer although he studied arts in school. He chose engineering to please his father who was an engineer but as acting has always been his ambition and passion, at last, he chose his acting career. Mensah was into engineering till 2000, as after that he decided to migrate to Canada aiming to become an actor.

Considered For the role in Prom Night

Mensah was supposed to be part of the horror movie 'prom Night' that was released in 2008. He was considered to be the character Detective Winn in the movie which was later given to Idris Elba, an actor best known as Heimdall in 'Thor'. 

Idris Elba who played the character of Detective Winn in Prom Night.
Idris Elba who played the character of Detective Winn in Prom Night.
Image Source: Basement Rejects

Has Appeared In Avatar

Many people don't know but Mensah has acted in the movie 'Avatar' where he has portrayed the character of Horse Clan Leader. 

The movie has won three Oscar Awards which was made with Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, and so on. The movie made a huge profit of $2.74 billion while was made on a budget of $77 million. 

It is also the second most highest-grossed movie of all time after 'Avengers: Endgame' that earned $2.79 billion from its worldwide collections.

Peter Mensah as Horse Clan Leader in 'Avatar'.
Peter Mensah as Horse Clan Leader in 'Avatar'.
Image Source: James Cameron's Avatar Wiki - Fandom

Is An Martial Artist

While growing up in the UK, the 'Striking Poses' actor started training in martial arts at a very early age of six. Since he was pro in martial artist from childhood, Mensah was more into playing a lot of fast motion/action roles in the movies. He also has done several fighting by himself and has developed some great fighting skills from his roles as Oenomaus in 'Spartacus'.

Peter Mensah who started Martial Arts since he was 6 years.
Image Source: Women Africa

Voice Acting

Mensah has also done voice acting in a TV movie, television series, and a video game. He has given his voice to Predaking in 'Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising', Dead Space (Video Game) as Sgt. Zach Hammond, and Transformers Prime (TV Series) as Predaking, the dragon-like leader.

Social Media presence

As for his social media presence, Mensah is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He has gathered 26.2k followers on Instagram with the username 'pmensahonline'. Likewise, it has gained around 31.8k followers on Twitter with the username 'PMensahOnline' and 25,274 followers on Facebook with the username 'PMensahOnline'.

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