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Quay Dash: Transgender Rapper Who Did "I Need a Bag"

aisha Published On Wed Jul 08 2020   Modified On Wed Jul 08 2020
Quay Dash: Transgender Rapper Who Did "I Need a Bag"

Quay Dash is a transgender singer and rapper well-recognized by her works 'Decline Him', 'I Need A Bag', 'Ouwwn Of This Shit', 'Bossed Up', and 'Queen Of Ny'.

Dash was born on September 17, 1992, Alabama, New York, and has a star sign of Virgo. Later she moved to the Bronx with her parents when she was a toddler. Here are some more interesting facts about Dash. 

Net Worth: $700,000

The 'No Drama' singer Quay Dash has earned an estimated net worth of $700,000 from her career as a singer and rapper. She has released one Ep, twenty-two singles, and has featured in two songs 'Do That Baby' of Cakes Da Killa and 'Wilin'' of Celestial Trax, Orlando Volcano. 

Career and Struggle: From Homeless

Dash used to spend most of her time in the foster home and started to write journals which became her habit to write feelings in journals. 

Later when she was 18 or 19 years, her habit became a passion so she started to write rap lyrics after coming out as a trans. She started rapping when she felt that she needs to go out and do something. Dash was in a homeless situation and used to live at her mum's house, sister's house, or elsewhere. 

A picture of Quay Dash.
A picture of Quay Dash who started writing rap lyrics at 18 or 19.
Image Source: Refinery29

Then she went to warehouse parties, underground raves in Brooklyn, meeting people and that's how she joined Cunt Mafia, an NYC party that hosts events with everyone from Le1F to A$AP Rocky. Her music is an update on boom bap, which is a hip-hop style which was emerged on the East Coast in the 1990s.

Her Influencer

When Dash was persuing her rap career, she was influenced by Foxy Brown, Lauryn Hill, and Wu-Tang Clan. Before her journey, she used to get influenced by singers like Hilary Duff, Britney Spears, and Ashlee Simpson. 

As Dash said growing journey about being trans-feminine and young she looked at them and felt motivated.

Feels Gay Are Openly Accepted Rather Than Trans

Dash feels like gay people are more accepted in the society rather than people like her (transgender). She said gays are being bashed on various rap songs but they don't hear transgender as people don't want to talk about it and even if someone brings up a topic it's too much to hear for them. 

Dash feels the people are more open-minded to see gay people in public to see trans women. 

Quay Dash who feels gay are openly accepted than Trans.
Image Source: Oyster Magazine

Left Her Bad Habit 

Dash was also very fun from the beginning as he was like the life of the party, or a class clown but wasn't a nerd. 'No Drama' singer said she wasn't some dickhead, asshole, or wanker that some guys call that. Dash said she is a big shit talker and says whatever on her mind. She would say things like 'Look at this bitch' on someone's face and is very much like that. 

Now she feels like it was some negative things to say or do and has now grown up by group home and treatment centers for her behavior.

A picture of Quay Dash.
A picture of Quay Dash.
Image Source:

Plays Games On Free Time

The 'Off The Books' singer loves to play video games and said she is a nostalgic person who is still stuck on PS3. She loves to play games and some of her favorite games are Bayonetta, Soulcalibur V, and said is pretty popular in online games. 

Apart from playing games Dash loves to keep her engaged by reading books, email, reads online like some blog, Tumblr, Twitter, or makes music for her future projects. 

Quay Dash who loves to play video games.
Quay Dash who loves to play video games.
Image Source: ReverbNation

YouTube Channel

Dash is also active on YouTube named 'Quay Dash' where she has gained around 2.8k followers. She joined YouTube on June 6, 2010, and has posted one video which is the official video of her song 'Decline Him'. The video has gathered a total of 158k views.

Social Media Presence

As for her social media presence, Dash is active on Instagram and Twitter. She has gained around 11.6k followers on Instagram with the username 'quaydash' and 2,637 followers on Twitter with the username 'QuayDash'.

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