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Robert Christopher Riley: “Dynasty” & “Bad Dad Rehab” Actor | Know Him Better

aisha Published On Sat May 30 2020   Modified On Sat May 30 2020
Robert Christopher Riley: “Dynasty” & “Bad Dad Rehab” Actor | Know Him Better

Robert Christopher Riley is a film, television, stage actor, and singer who made his breakthrough from the show “Dynasty and “Hit The Floor”. He is also known for his works in 'Victorious' as Derrick, 'Professor Mack' as Christopher Morris, 'The Bourne Legacy' as Outcome #6, and many more.

Riley was born on October 11, 1980, in Brooklyn, New York, and has a star sign of Libra. He is a first-generation American as his mother is from Trinidad and his father is from Barbados and he feels very proud of his heritage.

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Net Worth: $3 million

'Walk Away from Love' Star Robert Christopher Riley has amassed a whopping net worth of $3 million from his career as an actor and singer. He has earned his worth through his contribution to the film industry. 

Riley has gathered his worth through music career as he has debuted a song named 'Prove It'. He also has started a company named Peppa Sauce Entertainment by promoting his music career.

Education & Alma Mater

Riley joined Brooklyn Technical High School where he used to participate in the school's drama club. Then he got enrolled at Lehigh University at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and received a B.A. degree in 2003. 

After three years of studying at Ohio University, Riley received his Masters in Theater Degree in 2006. He was a multi-talented personality as he played college football as well as wrote his first theatrical script and directed it.

Brother: Kevin Neftali Cobham

Riley has a brother named Kevin Neftali Cobham who does photoshoots and sometimes handles his brother management. He is a married man and is the father of three beautiful daughter name Marlene Cobham, Mimi Cobham, and Cindy Cobham where Mimi and Cindy are twins.

Robert Christopher bother Kevin Neftali Cobham with his three daughter.
Robert Christopher Riley bother Kevin Neftali Cobham with his three daughter. 
Image Source: Instagram


After he completed Masters, he made his first debut in 'The Trade Off' as Kenny / Ralph in 2006. Since then he has appeared in more than thirty movies, television series, voice acting, and short movies like The Perfect Match as Victor, Underground (TV Series) as Hicks, 'Grand Theft Auto V' (Video Game) as The Local Population, Seasons of Love (TV Movie) as Miles, and so on.

Robert Christopher Victor in 'The Perfect Match'.
Robert Christopher Riley as Victor in 'The Perfect Match'.
Image Source: IMDb

Raised By A Single Mother

At the age of two, Riley's parents got separated as his mother was being abused by his father. She even endured all the pain for the sake of her child but at last, there was no option than to leave her husband. 

His mother became a single mother after leaving her husband and raised him by facing struggle on her own. She also made Riley have high standards on his relationships and he also used to compare all the women he dated to his mother.

Robert Christopher with his brother and mother.
Robert Christopher Riley with his brother and mother.
Image Source: Instagram

What Is His Ideal Type?

The 'Destined' actor says there isn't such thing as perfect relationships as no one is born perfect but we can always dream of an ideal relationship and type. For him, the ideal type is to find a beautiful woman to see if she is his soulmate or not. He thinks men and women have different roles in the family so she has to be serious about their children in need. 

Riley said it's not a problem that she earns more than me but she needs to give the respect that he deserved. Lastly, he added that their relationship also depends on how the answers are given.

A picture of Robert Christopher Riley.
A picture of Robert Christopher Riley.
Image Source: Upscale Magazine

Wanted To Become An Accountant

Most of the actors dream about being an actor since his/her childhood but in Riley's case, he didn't even though he would become an actor. He wanted to become an accountant since he loves math and it was his favorite subject. Riley also loved to play football and he always used to joke about an accountant who played football.

Later, while studying at Lehigh, he joined the acting class and they were doing 'A Raisin In The Sun' play. The play needed more black people and Riley was offered the role but at first, he refused to do it. He reconsidered about it and at last, he auditioned as he ended up playing the lead role of Walter Lee. Since then his desire to become an actor grew and persuaded his acting career.

Lie About being Gay

Hennessy from 'Getting Even' says he has seen numerous ridiculous lies that go around social media and the people who spread it hides behind the keyboard without caring if it hurts someone. Likewise, various lies and rumors were spreading around about Riley but one of the most absurd lies was about him being gay. 

After seeing the rumors, he didn't react as he was not homophobic, as it may seem like it is wrong about being gay. Riley has a lot of friends circle that are in the LGBTQ community and later he also clarified that he is straight.

Social Media Presence

As for Robert Christopher Riley's social media presence, he is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He has gained 355k followers on Insta with the username 'robrileynyc' and 32.4k followers on Twitter with the username 'RobRileyNYC'.

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