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Terrence Little Gardenhigh: “Coffee and Kareem” Star | Know Him Better

aisha Published On Sun May 24 2020   Modified On Sun May 24 2020
Terrence Little Gardenhigh: “Coffee and Kareem” Star | Know Him Better

Terrence Little Gardenhigh is an actor best known for his roles in Coffee & Kareem (2020) as Kareem, Henry Danger (2014) as Miles and Just Roll with It (2019) as Jafar.

Gardenhigh was born on April 20, 2007, and has a sun sign of Taurus. Here are some more facts about Gardenhigh:  

Net Worth: $400 thousand 

Gardenhigh has earned an estimated net worth of $400 thousand from her solo career as an actor. He got a whopping salary of $40,000 from the movie 'Coffee & Kareem' that was released on April 3, 2020. 

Then he starred in a television series 'Danger Force' as Miles / AWOL where he was paid $10,000 per episode.  

A picture of Terrence Little Gardenhigh who is worth $400 thousand.
A picture of Terrence Little Gardenhigh who is worth $400 thousand.
Image Source: Zimbio


In 2018, Gardenhigh started his acting career from a television series 'Speechless' as Kid #3. SInce then he has appeared in five television series and movie like 'Turtle' as Bruno, 'Danger Force' as Miles / AWOL, 'Coffee & Kareem' as Kareem, 'Henry Danger' as Miles, 'Just Roll with It' as Jafar.  

Went Disneyland and Discovered Music 

Gardenhigh has developed his passion for acting from very unique situation. He took a trip to Disneyland with his Boys and Girls Club dance team he said in an interview that he had stars in his eyes and had so much fun while performing on stage. Gardenhigh said he had so much fun making them laugh and smile which made him feel so good and told his mommy that he wanted to be a star. While his mother said Oh, that’s so cute, baby. Now, go sit down”. However, he didn't gave on his skills and finally his hard wok paid off. 

Kevin Hart Is His Influencer 

The 'Henry Danger' star most influencer is Kevin Hart as he watch him all the time and by looking at him he truly thought to become a comedian. Gardenhigh used to share various jokes with his mother and she would motive him by saying “That is so wack. 

Terrence Little Garden kissing his mother.
Terrence Little Garden with his mother.
Image Source: Instagram

Keep working at it”. He said his mother plays a huge role that helped to improve him as she was honest with his work. He also said his mother is not that type saying  “Oh, baby, that was so good,” just to make him good and this was the reason which pushed him to do more better everyday. 

Opposite Of His Coffee & Kareem Character 

By looking at the character of Gardenhigh in 'Coffee & Kareem' as Kareem, he has a smart mouth while in reality he is quite opposite in real life. 

As in one of the interview with Screen Rant, Gardenhigh said his mom explained him that the profanity he is using in the movie isn’t me and he is just playing the character. He later explained he only said because of the script and had so much fun doing it.  

Terrence Little Gardenhigh Kareem in 'Coffee & Kareem'.
Terrence Little Gardenhigh Kareem in 'Coffee & Kareem'.
Image Source: Screen Rant

Goal Is To Make Parent's Proud 

For Gardenhigh his acting career is not about money and fame while for his motive is a bit high than we can imagine. He did acting to make his parents proud and says his parents makes him laugh all the time and by starring in 'Coffee & Kareem' he was able to return the favour. Acting is the only way that he could make his parents laugh said Gardenhigh.   

A picture of Terrence Little Gardenhigh
Image Source: Seattle Talent

Confused Of Being Boy Or Girl

Talking about his appearance, many people get confused at Gardenhigh gender at first by looking at him. He has long dreadlocks hair which tends to create more confusion about his looks. However, he is just a growing teenager whose appearance will change as he grow up.

Social Media Presence 

As for his social media presence, Gardenhigh is active on Instagram and Twitter. He has gained over 29.5k followers on Instagram with the username 'littlegardenhigh' while gained 60 followers on Twitter with the username 'littlegardenhig'. 

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