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$28 Million Net Worth of Vanessa Williams - Big Proactiv Contract, Charity and Movies Earnings

aisha Published On Wed Apr 29 2020   Modified On Wed Apr 29 2020
$28 Million Net Worth of Vanessa Williams - Big Proactiv Contract, Charity and Movies Earnings

Vanessa Williams, mostly known as Ruby Sinclair from 'Dance with Me' has earned a whopping net worth of $28 million. She has accumulated her worth from her successful career as an American singer, actress, and fashion designer.

Williams Williams recently has opened a clothing line by partnering up with HSN where she sells different designed women clothes. She also has a TV program 'Vanessa Williams Fashion' that is aired on HSN channel.

Earning As Actor 

Renee Perry from 'Desperate Housewives' has earned her worth from appearing in more than a hundred movies, television series, TV series, and short videos. She is well-recognized for her roles in 'Soul Food' (1997), 'Johnson Family Vacation', Keep The Faith Baby' (2004), and others. 

Vanessa Williams as Teri in Soul Food.
Vanessa Williams as Teri in Soul Food.
Image Source: Pinterest

Earning From Albums

Vanessa Williams also has been earning her wealth from her singing career as she earned $1 million from the record sale 'The Sweetest Days' in 1994. She then earned $3.5 million from her album 'The Comfort Zone', $500,00 from her album 'The Right Stuff' and 'Star Bright'.

A picture of Vanessa Williams singing.
Vanessa Williams who has earned sum amount of money from her record sales.
Image Source: YouTube

Highest-grossed movie

The 'Shaft' actor has appeared in various movies but among them her highest-grossed movie was 'Eraser' as Lee Cullen that was released in 1996. The movie was made on a budget of $100 million while made a profit of $242 million.

Vanessa Williams as Lee Cullen in 'Eraser'.
Vanessa Williams as Lee Cullen in 'Eraser'.
Image Source: Decider

$20 Million Contract With Proactiv Solution

Vanessa Williams has signed $20 million worth contract with Proactiv Solution, a skin-care brand which was developed by Katie Rodan and Kathy A in 2007. With the contract, Williams was one of the highest-paid spokesperson of all time in the world of infomercial products.

Vanessa Williams in the ads of Proactiv.
Vanessa Williams in the ads of Proactiv.
Image Source:Flickr

Salary From 666 Park Avenue

Wilhelmina Slater as from 'Ugly Betty' has played the character of Olivia Doran in the television series '666 Park Avenue'. He received a paycheck of $100,000 from the series were appeared for thirteen episodes from 2012 to 2013. Williams at the end of the series got a total amount of $1.3 million from it. 

Has Endorsed L'Oreal and M&M

Captain Beakman from 'T.O.T.S.' has endorsed several brands like L'Oréal, M&M'S, and Proactiv. She became the face of L'Oreal and even has done commercials for the product with Julianne Moore, Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda, and Isabelle Adjani. Williams also has done voice-over commercials for M&M by being the character Miss Brown.

Vanessa Williams in the cover picture of L'
Vanessa Williams promoting L'Oreal.
Image Source: Pinterest

Author Of Two Books

Vanessa Williams is the author of two books titled Due Diligence: A Practical Guide and You Have No Idea. In 2008. she released the book 'Due Diligence' that cost $118.80 which is available in Amazon. Then in 2012, she released her book 'You Have No Idea' with her mother which is about Williams's childhood and career that cost around $14.95.

Charity Works

The actress of 'My Brother' supports eighteen charities and foundations like Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, American Heart Association, Habitat For Humanity, and others. In 2000, Williams took part in 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' where she answered 12 questions and won $32,000 for the Dance & Education Fund. Then in 2009, again appeared in the show's 0th anniversary prime-time special where she won $50,000 for her charity.

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